Splice - Lamborghini Monument


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The re-imagination of the two monuments that flanks the historic Automobili Lamborghini plants intends to break the horizontality of landscape. Here Via Modena is marked with a beginning and an end with 2 identical volumetric monuments.

The form of the road monument is a contemporary interpretation of the horns of a bull. It consists of 2 triangulated volumes that are spliced apart to form a gap that takes shape of the commonly identified Lamborghini car silhouette. The gaps are oriented parallel to Via Modena (SP 255) to emphasise its hierarchy of entrance. The volumetric character of the design emphasises wholeness and reflects the broad sturdiness of the Lamborghini cars.

Despite its volume, the monuments are constructed with a triangular space frame and panelled with perforated aluminium sheets. This facade is easily maintained and is replaceable. As a consideration, the source of the metal should be from defected car parts from the plant.

The intent to use space frame is for ease of construction. Each monument had 2 volumes in which, its panels can be prefabricated off-site before brought onto site for assembly. The use of panelling system allows for quick execution of works.

Finally, both monuments respond to the site as beacons of familiarity. While the form takes shape in the day, the gaps between are lit with edge lights. Here, the massing blends into the night and makes way for a linear image in the night sky.