Hello Towers

The support I've had over the last couple of months have been great! I have learnt so much by just interacting with everyone on instagram/facebook/email. I have decided to join several others in the creative community by sharing my files under an open source project. I hope you learn as much as I learn in this process (yes it is still on-going). And have fun with the source files to come. 

Classic double tower scheme...
Have one of them taller (or more so frontal) to emphasize a hierarchy of volumes.
The smaller volume may be smaller and identical or the complete opposite. 
Either way, it needs to compliment the larger volume whether in submission or its blatant antithesis.
In architecture, there is often no distinguishable difference. It speaks the same...

We can also call this the 'little bro' scheme.
It is human nature to be able to quickly comprehend a familial hierarchy in a conversation...
like calling out 'little bro' in slang rather than describing an architectural entity in relation to another.
So fun tip;
When describing a 2 tower scheme, it comes out friendlier to call out familial terms
e.g little brother, son, cousin, mother etc


C4D + Octane + PSD source files free for download