Morning Glory

The support I've had over the last couple of months have been great! I have learnt so much by just interacting with everyone on instagram/facebook/email. I have decided to join several others in the creative community by sharing my files under an open source project. I hope you learn as much as I learn in this process (yes it is still on-going). And have fun with the source files to come. 

A turning torso mass with a curtain wall is a feat.
Central core with projecting slab edges and unitised curtainwalling
The form translates its movement through spiraling vertical lines
But it needed a base...
so to anchor the form to the ground, I applied a melt deformer
so its solid base peeled away to the bottom.
Kinda like waking up and stretching in the morning.



C4D + Octane + PSD source files free for download