the machine

netflix and chill - now, the teacher says, imagine a flea perched on that same tightrope. the flea isn’t limited like the acrobat. the flea can go up and down. the flea can get to the other dimension. 
she said, this is where the show lost me. if the flea exists in the same three-dimensional world as the acrobat, why wouldn’t the flea have to follow the same laws? why can’t the acrobat be a flea? why can’t we all be fleas?!
Come on, it’s string theory 101. only smaller, tiny-er things can cross between dimensions. you know how they say that alternate realities exists but not in the obvious? no. well yeah. they’re all curled up into a ball. huh? i know it’s difficult to imagine. but it is just how things are. gen-y accepted fact.
so the replicator has to be like that. probably not the flea, but the entire scalable mass concept behind this principle. it should dwarf us all because of the energy it harnesses. not to mention the mass. 
she said, is this a man-made machine? surely. it’s the architectural intervention in a ‘virtual state’. everything else is deployable, temporary pixelscapes. well then it might be too much, she thought. 
well then its mass would be partially generated. the oscillation from the gyroscopes would have a slight effect on gravity. it is controlling a million pixels anyway. it makes sense. maybe it should work in a fleet. that would address its sustainability should it be built for at least 100 years and be fit to adrift across the oceans. 
it is a nice contrast to our natural landscape considering it creates an artificial/man-made one. ha.
would all replicators look the same? i would imagine them being improved over time. it is an idea to a technological entity. its architectural design is the result of its technological advancement. vice versa. it is an archetype after all ... just like buildings. 


replicator array

Several replicators working in tandem in a grid array. Deployment of millions of pixlers to form pixelscapes, a physical boundary of space with imagery. 

replicator +
fleet +
pixler array +
physical +

replicator v5

5th Variation to the replicator. Increased size to obtain larger deployable surface area. Equipped with internalised funnels for storage and deployment of millions of pixlers. Nodal arrangement for sustainable maintenance of replicators.

pentatonic +
node +
funnel +
internal +