Pixler Array - Procedural Animations with Element 3D

So previously I was thinking of a the idea of a Pixler in a form of machine. As opposed to what it currently is now, an artificial landscape fully controlled by another machine; The Replicator. And this is all architectural conjecture here...but if you would like to know more about it, do have a look at my previous post.

Back to the idea of it being a machine, I guess the only logical way a pixler would work as a machine is if thousands if not millions of it worked as a massive entity. A network perhaps in some 3D structural grid should exist in the form beams of energy. Perceivable only by light and colour, the grid would allow the sub-components of each pixler to operate and move in 3D space. The result would be an array of seemingly mirrored dimensions. 

Mirrored dimensions... there may be an opportunity here to think further into the existence of each pixler. That its overall quantity can be manipulated by a substantial factor by imagining it replicate via a series of dimensions rather than individually. Its endless duplications!