this marks the 2nd phase oh hell this is it- apart from the coherence of this reality, which we so constantly enjoy. like a string of good events that's just confusing. because for once in your life, there's no fine line between this, sheer excitement and overwhelming sense of being. so have we lived the moment. so glad we have. it's delusional to think what if, it's immature to bet on. but i'm bothered ever so deeply, that i only pray it fast forwards by, and before i'm conscious again, i could think back and recall just how ridiculous it all sounds. see how, i don't want this. has it no meaning? to long for a time to come, at which you're at a crossroad, and you just don't know where it leads to. but the suns setting, and there isn't enough time ... i wished i could see what would be coming. this marks the 2nd phase, this marks the time i dearly dread. because things ... things might just slip away