Our exhibition is now live on It was a really interesting approach to have what normally isn't a show of the things we do for the studio during the end of year show, instead be perpetually displayed for the world to see. I had alot of fun setting this website up. The learning curve was close to the incline of a vertical wall.

Here are snippets of the inner workings of how we've set up this campaign. Be sure to download our MK3 book too!

Design is a behaviour not a body of knowledge

convo <aimy>
thinking of days 2-3 and onwards for the we need to have enough online content for when people who visit the space when its empty would be able to get a QR code for example to see a log of videos or whatever links necessary to see all of us and our works together with the events that took place on the launch day.
gotta be prepared that on the 2nd day onwards we wont be able to leave the headset, tv and projectors running. all has to be packed up on the 1st day. now just sayin'
im thinking of bringing hannah, orifice, distorted_universe, mothersheep, natvass, edmaestro0503 man our 'digital' booths
whether print or not, i think everyone should have their work online. probably do this thru the zone blog. make the zone blog thick with stuff.
but having works on the zone blog is like having your cv on your linkedin. it sucks. i think what people really wanna see are the faces of the zone. so im thinking to link it to our instagram/youtube/vimeo/twitch accounts. in case more people would wanna follow you as a person.
so if we have fb/ig live events on the launch day and enough content on zone blog(s) we can do a mini online campaign. engagement gorilla. so bring out hannah/orifice etc. we can have things like....50likes and you'll see nick attempt 2 pints 10 secs all on ig live. yknow...some shit like that...


Sneak Peak into our MK3 book

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