How do you Know if Your Idea Sucks? – The Futur – Medium

Put it to the test After working in the design industry for over a decade, I’ve come up with a formula to evaluate my own ideas. I ask myself these 3 questions at every stage in the design process.
1. Does it achieve the goal?
2. Is the information and story clear?
3. Is it interesting?

I have been battling some demons lately inside my head on whether or not to pursue certain design directions with a project in school. And it was not till I found this article did I realise 'right, hang on...let me take a step back here and think!'

Rather than questioning the limitations of the idea in its whole, where I judge it against its characteristics, perhaps a better way would be to deal with its position to the audience. How will it  translate to everyone else? (point 2 taken) And is it approriate?