Like Glass and the 2 Feet Cage (remastered)

' see the animal in this cage that you built ...

are you sure what side you're on... ' i gotta say though, you can be constantly 2 feet away from someone most of the time and be so ridiculously distanced, that it somehow bothers you.

and sure, it maybe within the body language of yourself and the person within that distance, but how it's just so 'sticky' makes you wonder if addiction for a feeling portrayed by to others is way through existent!

it's like yawning and how contagious it gets.

you'd be surprised how much it sends out to anyone within your 2 feet radius slash personal space when you miss that chance of saying 'good morning', or a 'hi'. and the conversations between you both progressively deteriorate hence forth, it's disturbing even for you yourself to watch and notice.

and then it is within your own will, to adhere to an 'awkwardness' that is so easily read through their eyes by initiating a verbal conversion.

awkward, awkwardness ... there's a long pause of silence between us, and we're just standing a couple of steps away.

she's probably in deep thought with questions of enthusiasm and progressive snob talk.

and to wonder that all you both missed were morning greetings and direct stares. .

but instead you get a hi back, then it becomes apparent, that it's all good from there on =D