Plaster Lining

Are we adequate - are we capable of believing in our soul's triumphs. the unsaid feats that we pride ourselves with, fueling passion and addiction for whatever gives - are we capable of judging its extent of truth!we can't self-congratulate, to motivate what's left of us - that would be delusional. we can't underestimate our reason - that would be deterioration of self-esteem. are third-wheelers our only chance of ensuring sanity then? what's an 8 foot wall for, if we can't hear ourselves while speaking to it?

commitment issues aren't far from heart, and it strengthens the shell we built after them countless rejections. and upon every self-inflicted devastation, we realize that it's no longer doing us good. this armour's fit for one - no wonder it's so difficult to get out of.

what does truth look like then aside from sincerity and your cross-my-hearts? we tell ourselves and we're convinced that yes, it is within the presence of the other, that you reaffirm your ideals, your values, your fuckin' principles. coz that wall's capable of sweet echo.

we are our own persons - but without our closers we're nothing but hermits. this wall's built for us, upon the shells we've struggled to break.